Aapa-Tuohilampi bridge

Perhaps the most challenging targets of the route was Aapa-Tuohilampi bridge. It was supposed to be strong so that it is safe to cross. The work started 24.10.2006 and it lasted for ten working days. In the different phases of the bridge was an excavator, a tractor, a shovel loader and different carts needed. The work itself was mainly made with chain saw. First the cut-outs had to be made for the anchors. They had to be done in a way so the excavator could cross the dike.

The route was paved at the same time so it was always near the working site when needed. When the cut-outs was done the anchors had to be made. The needed poles was about one kilometer away, they had to be cut there in appropriate lengths and then transported to the working site with a car. The poles was used as electrical poles that were replaced with new ones in Salla.

Digging of cut-out for the anchor

Digging on the other side

Making the cut-outs for the anchors.

The other cut-out.
Tractor on the bridge
Filling of the anchor
Transfer of gravel in anchor. Filling of the anchor.


The poles was cutted to 2,60- and 3,20-meters and they were piled on another so the top was at the ground level. The poles were carved at both ends. In this way they stayed solid. The carve was made with chain saw and finally they were stabilized with crossbars. The holes were made with a petrol-driven drill.

Next the beams were put on place. They were 6 poles, each about 6 meters long. They were too stabilized with crossbars. After this the gravel was in turn. It was transported from Aatsinki with a tractor. The anchors were filled with another tractor. First the anchor at the roadside were filled and then the deck was put on place. After this could the other anchor be filled. The bearing capacity was tested at this moment. The tractor weighted about 6000 kg, but the bridge didn't bend at all.
The bridge was finished 8.11.2006. When the routeguides is on their places, it is ready for use.



Ready-made timberwork.
Petrol-driven drill Drilling holes for the crossbars.
Spreading of the gravel
Petrol-driven drill. Drilling holes for the crossbars. Spreading of the gravel.
Ready-made bridge The bridge from side The bridge from under
The bridge as seen from the road. The bridge from the side. The bridge from under.

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