"Since the number of snowmobiles is increasing, a law for cross-country traffic was made (22.12.1995), which purpose is to prevent injurious effects to the nature and other environment, natural industry, general amenity purposes or other common interests or private interests caused by motor-driven vehicles in the terrain and snowmobile route, and gain traffic safety. After the law for cross-country traffic was made the authorities started to regulate and standardise the development of route directives and directions. The communities improved traffic safety and standardised the route guideposts, guides and renewed rotten bridges. Since the maintenance in winter became more common, the need for enlarging route, improving the lining of route and strengthen bridges, became important.

To make the route official they should combine several communities, so that the base route goes easily from one community center and tourist center to another and the service is identical. The purpose is to construct and build a snowmobile base route between East-Laplands community centers and Pyhatunturi - Luostotunturi - Levitunturi, Sallatunturi - Suomutunturi and Rukatunturi - Iso-Syote." 1)

The project is Interreg IIIA -Pohjoinen -project of European Union, which is a part of the neighbour programme. The manager of the project is Vesa Haataja, the route workers: Matti Yrjanheikki, Antti Tormanen, Kari Saariniemi and Mika Kotala. As local consultants are Erkki Yrjanheikki and Olli Saariniemi.

Other experts in the project are Jan-Erik Blomqvist from Pajala (Sweden), Kari Lukkarinen from Rovaniemi and Markku Koivisto from Kemijarvi and also Arvo Aatsinki and Seppo Siivola from Salla.

The route in Alakurtti, Russia is being build by Viktor Tuhkala, Albert S. Olenitch and Vasil Turkevitsh. As project coordinator acts Stepan M. Olenitsh and his assistant Valeri O. Nazarov from Alakurtti.

1) Translated part of the report: Ita-Lapin moottorikelkkailureittien kehittamisesta, Hannu Kaisanlahti, Lapland Regional Environment Centre.

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