Traffic signs

This page demonstrates the traffic signs used on the snowmobile route. An additional plate is placed on some of the signs. The guides and advertising plates are placed separately aside the route. Notice that all of these signs are not used, only when needed depending on the terrain and roads. In some places special signs could be used as needed.

Traffic sign


111. Curve to right.

112. Curve to left.

113. Curves, first one to right.

114. Curves, first one to left.

154. Ski route.

161. Road crossing.

162. Side-road crossing.

163. Side-road crossing.

164. Side-road crossing.

189. Other danger.

231. Obligation to give way in crossing.

232. Obligatory stop.

362. Speed limit ends.

363. Speed limit.

363. Speed limit area.

364. Speed limit area ends.

426. Snowmobile route.

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